About Me

Hello, my name is Kelsey Fendley. One of my greatest passions in life is being creative. I started drawing at a fairly young age. In fact, I was in my first art show in kindergarten. When I was younger, I mainly drew cartoon characters from my favorite shows and movies. In school art was always my favorite subject, and I often got caught drawing in other classes. Over the years I continued to draw and develop my skills.

Since, I had been drawing for so long I thought that was where my passion lied. However, as I got older I realized drawing was not something I actually loved to do. Instead I had a passion for being creative, drawing just allowed me to show my creativity. This passion continued to stick with me as I got older and began to work with different art forms. I began to gain an interest in photography and also took classes that allowed me to explore new mediums.

Now, I am a student at The University of Alabama majoring in advertising with a creative specialization and minoring in studio art and computing technology and applications. I currently focus on photography and still continue to draw some, but I hope develop my skills within other mediums. In the future I want to work as a graphic designer or art director. Welcome to my portfolio website.