Perspective Drawing

For a recent assignment in an art class I took at UA, we had to draw The Ferguson Student Center located on campus. The assignment was to focus on measurement and proportion as well as perspective. We were also required to include five values within our drawings. This drawing tested my abilities because the student center’s architecture features many different design elements and a lot of small details.

A pencil drawing on The Ferguson Student Center at The University of Alabama

Pen Drawings

Recently I tried drawing with pen for the first time. This presented a new challenge for my drawings because you have to live with the mistakes and keep going. The focus on the assignment I was given was to pay attention to texture. My first drawing features a hip bone and a few roses, and my second a skeleton with roses intertwined within its ribs. Overall I could definitely improve with more practice with pen, but I am happy with the way the drawings turned out because pen offers a new look to my work.