Adobe is known for providing top of the line, digital, creative programs. Pretty much anything you can dream up can be created using one of their many programs. Use of their programs is not free, however I recommend Adobe if you are looking to do major editing on designs, photos, etc.

Photography Life

Photography Life is a great tool for anyone interested in photography. They offer many tips about all kinds of photography as well as gear. Also, they include a listing of great places to explore with a camera.


Pinterest is online pin board where users can share and explore new ideas. The site can be used for home decorating tips, fashion inspiration, travel planning, and many others. I personally use it for multiple reasons including gaining tips for photography, drawing and design. Also, Pinterest can just be used as a source of inspiration and motivation.

The University of Alabama

I currently am a student majoring in advertising with a creative specialization and minoring in studio art and computing technology and applications. You can find information about each of these programs, as well as the school in general, at UA’s website.


VSCO is a website were users can share their creativity. I use it mainly for inspiration for photography. The website contains incredible work by its users, and is a cool place to share your work with others.