Mission Statement

Welcome to my portfolio website a place for me to share my creative work. From behind the lens and through the work of my hands I want to inspire creativity and generate a passion for art. I hope you enjoy my work and gaining a look into my creative world.

Jamaica 2013

In 2013 I went on a mission trip with my church to Montego Bay, Jamaica. While there, we served at three schools by holding vacation bible school, making repairs to the school building, and spending time with the kids. The following video contains photos and clips taken by my group and me that I edited together, and features music form Chris Tomlin.

Sokol Park

Sokol Park is a local park in Tuscaloosa near the Northport city line. I spent an afternoon taking photos near the air field back in April. The area is very peaceful when no one else is around, and  it is a beautiful spot.(All photos are my own.)

Roadside Pictures

A little while back I was driving on a back road when I decided to pull over for some pictures. I was up on top of a hill that was filled with trees. The view was beautiful, and luckily I had my camera in the car with me.(All photos are my own.)

First Pen Drawing

For my first pen drawing I drew a bone in my sketch book. This was for a sketch book assignment, and was pratice for the larger pen drawing assignments. The bone ended up much darker than I had originally intended, but I think the finished project turned out pretty well.

Perspective Drawing

For a recent assignment in an art class I took at UA, we had to draw The Ferguson Student Center located on campus. The assignment was to focus on measurement and proportion as well as perspective. We were also required to include five values within our drawings. This drawing tested my abilities because the student center’s architecture features many different design elements and a lot of small details.

A pencil drawing on The Ferguson Student Center at The University of Alabama